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City Manager Sheryl Sculley - The City …

CAREER. Sheryl Sculley is the City Manager of San Antonio, Texas, the chief executive officer of the municipal corporation of 12,000 employees, an annual operating ...

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Sheryl Sculley - Wikipedia

Sheryl Sculley is the City Manager of San Antonio, serving since November 7, 2005. She previously served as the Assistant City Manager for the city of Phoenix ...

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Remove City Manager Sheryl Sculley - …

Remove City Manager Sheryl Sculley. 4,118 likes · 4 talking about this. We are paying Sheryl Sculley $400,000 to cut fire and police officer healthcare...

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City Manager - The City of San Antonio - …

Sheryl Sculley City Manager ... The City Manager is responsible for the administration of City services by exercising effective leadership and management of the City.

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Union president to city council: Fire

19/11/2014 · The president of the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association called on the San Antonio city council Tuesday to fire City Manager Sheryl Sculley.

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San Antonio City Manager - Sheryl Sculley

News, views and updates from the City Manager of San Antonio, Sheryl Sculley.

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Extravagant Pay | Public Safety Facts

Should City Manager Sheryl Sculley get a pay raise up to $650,000 per year? Without any public input? Sheryl Sculley already makes $42,000 per MONTH!

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Petition · Remove City Manager Sheryl

08/06/2018 · Please support this petition to remove our city manager from her position. She has consistently been untruthful and inaccurate in her reporting of numbers ...

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The Mystery Deepens | Phoenix New Times

29/09/2005 · Kevin Keogh scheduled his last City Hall meeting with departing assistant city manager Sheryl Sculley.

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Mayor, council set goals and …

27/03/2018 · City Manager Sheryl Sculley talks to mayor Ron Nirenberg before presenting her FY18 proposed budget on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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